Change Directory – change the current working directory to a specific Folder.

      cd [Options] [Directory]


    -P    Do not follow symbolic links
    -L    Follow symbolic links (default)

If directory is given, changes the shell’s working directory todirectory. If not, changes to HOME (shell variable).

If the shell variable CDPATH exists, it is used as a search path.
If directory begins with a slash, CDPATH is not used.

If directory is `-‘, this will change to the previous directory location (equivalent to $OLDPWD ).

The return status is zero if the directory is successfully changed, non-zero otherwise.


Move to the sybase folder
$ cd /usr/local/sybase
$ pwd

Change to another folder
$ cd /var/log
$ pwd

Quickly get back
$ cd –
$ pwd

move up one folder
$ cd ..
$ pwd

$ cd (Back to your home folder)